HELLER solutions at H.P. Kaysser

H.P. Kaysser
Contract manufacturing
4-axis machining centers H

Machines and automation adapted

At H.P. Kaysser, leading international sheet metal processor/system supplier, the batch sizes are reducing, while the requirements continue to increase. Long setting times, a large stock and the problem of precise deadline control will all be resolved by the Automation LoadMaster® from Schuler in conjunction with the HELLER MCH 300 and MCH 350-C machining centers.


  • to expand a three-layer system at the limits of its capacity, consisting of an automation system with 20 tool pockets and the HELLER MCH 300 machining center
  • to integrate the entire workpiece management strategy into the system
  • small to medium batch sizes and just-in-sequence production facility
  • enhanced flexibility and productivity

Project scope & solution

  • automation LoadMaster® from Schuler in conjunction with the HELLER MCH 300 and MCH 350-C machining centers
  • automation LoadMaster® offers a storage capacity of 45 machine pallets on 3-level and 77 storage locations for the raw material over 5-level Euro pallets/Euro wire mesh crates.


  • 50 to 80 percent gain in chip-to-chip times
  • machine availability increased from 82 to just on 90 percent
  • in the case of long-running items (involving eight to nine hours per workpiece), a machine running time of 600 hours per month already achieved

Customer testimonial

HELLER Lösungen bei H.P. Kaysser: Kundenstimme

Thomas Kaysser

Managing Director at H.P. Kaysser

"Our experience with HELLER, including Service, has been nothing must positive. We speak the same language, so there was simply no reason to change supplier. The entire team has now identified with the HELLER machining centers – because they deliver what HELLER promises!"