HELLER solutions at CastAlum

4-axis machining centers H

Turnkey solution with optimum price/performance ratio

Based in Welshpool, CastAlum is one of the largest aluminum die casting operations in Great Britain. In the search for a turnkey solution with optimum price/performance ratio, HELLER H-series 4-axis machining centers prevailed.


  • production facilities have to be able to machine all manner of steering gears and gear housings to achieve a total production volume of 700,000 cast parts/year in two operations, and this hinges on the production facility having the flexibility required
  • optimum price/performance ratio
  • local, highly reputable customer service

Project scope & solution

  • use of ten H 2000 4-axis machining centres
  • cranes located between the individual machine pairs facilitate fast fixture changeover
  • the cast parts mounted on the workpiece carriers are transported from the foundry on a long, U-shaped EWAB chain conveyor arranged along the machining centers


  • machining centers can be installed in several expansions stages. This allows adjustments to accommodate increasing batch sizes and trouble-free changeover for producing any new workpieces
  • HELLER H-series 4-axis machining centers offer outstanding reliability, precision and repeatability
  • lean production environment with very low footprint
  • average machining center availability of 95 percent achieved by minimizing changeover times
  • tolerances respected to within 10 micrometers
  • process capability of Cpk 1.67