HELLER solution at Fette Compacting

Fette Compacting
General mechanical engineering
5-axis machining centers F

Maximum precision and productivity increase

Fette Compacting produces a broad range of parts from diverse materials.Thanks to the fifth axis in the tool, the automation system and a new tool technology, manufacturing costs were cut by 32 percent.


  • to increase availability and cut manufacturing costs
  • high requirement profile with respect to footprint, table load, automation and interlinkage facilities with a second machine
  • precision for tolerance ranges in pitch circles and for bearing seats to within just a few µm

Project scope & solution

  • two HELLER FP 6000 5-axis machining centers
  • temperature-controlled feed drives, volume compensation and various software features


  • machining time reduced to 50 minutes thanks to fewer setups and modified cutting parameters, including shorter setting times
  • large series component manufacturing
  • technical availability of 98 to 99 percent, further increase expected

Customer testimonial

HELLER Lösungen bei Fette Compacting: Kundenstimme

Nicholas Warnken

Nicholas Warnken, Project Manager

"Key contributors to these massive savings are fewer setups thanks to the 5th axis and higher achievable cutting parameters. On the other hand, however, it was the overall package, including the automation system and new tool technologies, that was able to optimize the processes in this way."